"From the crisis into transformation, towards greater efficiency!" 

And who should do it? You wouldn't be here if you knew that! 

We have the right interim expert for you!

Agency for interim managers for more than 20 years nationally & internationally

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Our Philosophy

„Quality over quantity"

We provide your company with top professionals who will perform your interim functions and thus help you 

optimise processes, 

reduce risks 

implement transformation projects.

We believe that it is not the number of CVs that is decisive, but the accuracy of the match both professionally and personally!

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About Interim Partner

Christof Meier-Preschany is one of the most experienced consultants for interim management in Germany and can refer to hundreds of successful interim mandates, both nationally and internationally. He specialises in timely solutions and has a very good feeling for which interim manager fits into a company environment with its respective culture and history.

Christof Meier-Preschany has been active in the recruitment of interim managers since 1996 ... 


Find your interim manager in just 3 steps.



You discuss the position to be filled with us and formulate a requirement profile.

This serves as the basis for our identification and selection process of suitable interim managers.

Interim Manager Marketing Provider Berater Unternehmensberater Personalbeschaffung Change Prozesse Supply Chain Management

Identification/selection process

After researching our network of suitable interim professionals, we conduct personal interviews and provide you with the profiles of suitable candidates. 

You then decide who you would like to see. We will then introduce these candidates personally in a timely manner.

Interim Manager Marketing Provider Berater Unternehmensberater Personalbeschaffung Change Prozesse Supply Chain Management

Conclusion of contract

The optimal candidate will take over the mandate after the contractual modalities have been settled. On your premises. Without delay.

Corporate Culture

We take the word "partnership" literally

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During a mandate we maintain contact with you and the interim manager and are of course available as contact persons.

In this way we ensure the quality of our services at your site.

Our customers & your advantages

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Our customers... 

...we advise and support nationally and internationally. This applies to medium-sized companies and group companies. 
We work across industries and hierarchies and have particular experience in the following sectors: 

  • Automotive industry
  • Automotive Services
  • Mechanical- and plant engineering
  • Steel-, metal. and plastics industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry and medical technology
  • Services
  • Telco and media

Within these sectors we cover the following functions with our interim managers:

  • IT / Digitalization
  • Restructuring / Reorganization
  • Finance / Controlling
  • Logistics / Supply Chain
  • Quality Management
  • Research / Development
  • Information technology
  • Human Recources
  • Sales
  • Management / Devision management
  • Production
  • Purchasing / Materials Management

The foundation and part of our success is absolute confidentiality. We do not advertise with our clients. Therefore, please understand that we do not publish a client list here. In a personal conversation we would be pleased to give you our references.

Your advantages :

Time flexibility and efficiency in transformation times.


Vacancies are filled within a very short time. 
The interim manager is usually available to you immediately after a personal introduction

Gain in competence:

Thanks to the management and detailed specialist and industry knowledge of the interim professionals we place with you, who in their long careers have demonstrably and successfully solved similar tasks to those you are currently facing, you will enjoy immediate competence gains without 

long training period.

Cost certainty:

The remuneration of interim managers is (usually) based on daily rates. Depending on requirements up to 5 days a week or more.

The following applies: Only the day actually worked is remunerated

There are no additional costs such as :


  • Social security contributions
  • Expenditure on old-age provision
  • Severance payments
  • Continued payment of wages in the event of illness
  • Payment in case of holiday

Matching, what does it even mean?

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The decisive factor for a successful appointment is whether the interim professional you are looking for can cope with the challenges posed and generate the desired added value on an order and project basis.

Appropriate professional qualifications, training and previous life path are only one condition for this. Personal characteristics also count - and these characteristics must also suit you humanely.

Just like in a puzzle, we deliver exactly the missing piece. We call it the matching of qualities.
Thus, the core of our work lies in our feeling for the right people. Bringing companies together with the right interim managers - both professionally and personally.

What use is the best specialist if they cannot be quickly integrated into the team, if they do not fit your company?

It is precisely this aspect that determines the success of your interim manager.

Transparency is one of the keys here: the interim manager's tasks should be communicated clearly and precisely, with the expected personal characteristics also being the focus.
E.g. self-image as well as cultural and leadership skills and behavior.

Get to know us

Our approach: In order to provide you with the best possible advice and to be able to identify the right interim professional, it is necessary to first get to know you and your company in detail.

We bring this with us: Very good knowledge of the industry, a clear focus and competent solutions.

Christof Meier-Preschany
Schlossmühlenstr. 3
72290 Lossburg

Phone: +491792359110
Email: cmp@interim-partner.de
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